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Lily Pots

Now is the time to be planting your lily bulbs in one of our traditional lily pots Lilies like to be planted deep in the compost and these deep terracotta pots with near vertical sides are the perfect shape. The handles on the side allow you to move the pot around the garden or indoors to make the most of… Read more

House names

One of our more popular requests for inscription on a personalised pot is a house name. This can include a house number or name, a street name, the name of the owners and even in one case a postcode!

Pick and Mix Flower Pots

If you love our traditional terracotta flower pots, pans or long toms, but can’t find the quantity you want, why not “pick and mix” them? Please phone or email with the details of what you would like and I will give you a price. This way you could, for example, buy a mixture of flower pots, pans and long toms… Read more

Spring weddings, personalised terracotta flower pots.

The spring wedding season is one of the busiest timesĀ  at The Potting Shed. Our personalised terracotta plant pots are proving very popular as a wedding gift. They are both a celebration and a souvenir of the event. A few years ago I made this pot for the wedding of my niece.

Rhubarb forcing time

Somewhere out there in the cold and damp of the vegetable garden, or on the allotment, your rhubarb plants are about to stir. Now is the time to place a terracotta rhubarb forcer over them and the warmth and the dark created will encourage those first shoots into soft and succulent growth.

Out of stock

  Sorry if you have not been able to buy what you wanted. None of the items that are currently marked as out of stock will take more than a couple of weeks to replenish. If there is something you would like to buy that is currently unavailable please let me know and I will email you as soon as… Read more

Another kiln load

A cold wet morning. I fired the kiln yesterday and as I open the workshop door I get a warm hug from the escaping heat. Lovely. Inside the kiln another batch of rhubarb forcers and strawberry pots.

rhubarb forcers and strawberry pots

Another batch of rhubarb forcers and strawberry pots drying on the shelves in the workshop. They’ll be out of the kiln next week and straight into the Parcelforce van!  

A bit of history and a new stamp

The Potting Shed started life back in 1979 under the name of Dunne & Hazell. In those days we had a business which targetted the growing Garden Centre market and within a few years we had dozens of customers across the country. Our hand made pots produced in this country found favour, and still do, in a market increasingly dominated… Read more

Pots for bulbs

It’s that time of the year when we make the leap in our imagination to a warm spring day when the sun is coaxing the first bulbs into bloom.