A bit of history and a new stamp

impression 3

The Potting Shed started life back in 1979 under the name of Dunne & Hazell.

In those days we had a business which targetted the growing Garden Centre market and within a few years we had dozens of customers across the country. Our hand made pots produced in this country found favour, and still do, in a market increasingly dominated by machine made and imported products. Being situated in a quiet street in a small northern market town, we didn’t think opening a retail outlet made much sense, but in 1993, prompted by an increasing number of people knocking on our workshop door, we decided to open a shop. Given the nature of the premises and the business, the shop had to be called The Potting Shed (Thanks Brenda, that was inspired!) although all our wares continued to be stamped Dunne & Hazell.

And then came the Internet….

Since launching the website, online business has grown to such an extent that it will soon account for more than half of our output. Now seems a good time to change the branding on all our pots.

So, if you have bought one of our personalised pots, strawberry potsrhubarb forcers, wall pots or traditional flower pots, and have wondered why a pot from The Potting Shed should have “D&H” in the centre of the stamp, that’s the reason why.