Terracotta Rhubarb Forcer Pots

terracotta rhubarb forcing pot
Details:400mm x 600mm / 16 in x 24 in
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Product reference:DH21
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Fresh tender young rhubarb is one of the delights of the vegetable garden in early spring. Place one of our terracotta rhubarb forcers over the emerging shoots and produce an early crop. The darkness and warmth inside the rhubarb forcer encourages the plant to put on early growth, which is especially tender and sweet. To harvest, simply lift the lid of the rhubarb forcer and pull the stems. It is advisable to remove the rhubarb forcer later in the season so that the plant can have a period of normal growth and not become exhausted.

We make our terracotta rhubarb forcers by hand in our pottery in Northumberland. They are available online (click add to cart button), from our shop in Hexham and from selected garden centres around the country.