Rhubarb forcer

snowy forcer

Somewhere out there in the cold and damp of the vegetable garden, or on the allotment, your rhubarb plants are about to stir. Now is the time to place a terracotta rhubarb forcer over them and the warmth and the dark created will encourage those first shoots into soft and succulent growth.

Terracotta strawberry pots

kiln 01Those terracotta strawberry pots that last week were drying on the shelves in the workshop have now been fired in the kiln. There are some wall pots lying on top of them and somewhere in the darkness behind, a batch of rhubarb forcers. Next job is to pack them all safely for delivery.

A personalised pot for Christmas

hp brookfield

For an original and unique Christmas present, we can inscribe a house name or street address on one of our handmade personalised terracotta planters. 

A strawberry pot for Christmas?


strawberry pots drying

I’ve been busy this week making strawberry planters in preparation for the usual Christmas rush.  Pictured are a newly thrown batch drying on the shelves. Once fully dry they will be fired in the kiln and when they emerge will be a lovely rich terracotta colour.

A wall pot for autumn and winter


The terracotta wall pots I planted with geraniums in the spring are now looking past their best so I’ve been to the garden centre for some trailing ivy, a cyclamen and some small winter pansies. The garage wall is looking better already!

A visit to East Ruston Old Vicarage

ER display

I have been supplying East Ruston Old Vicarage with my pots for several years, but have never actually visited the garden. This summer an invitation to visit some old friends who have recently moved to Norfolk gave us the opportunity to see where all the pallets full of pots have been going.

A few weeks earlier, our friend was visiting the gardens with a new acquaintance and was telling her about someone she knew who made garden pots. Rounding the corner, still deep in conversation and not knowing they sold my pots, she looked up and saw this display!

On a sunny late summer afternoon, we meandered around this beautiful garden, spotting the many uses to which my pots had been put and being delighted with each new vista as we turned a corner.

Pots for cyclamens


pan +cyclamenI’ve just been shopping for bulbs, but couldn’t resist these white cyclamens. I knew I had just the right terracotta pan for them.

Pots for bulbs

tulips b

A wet weekend and I’m looking through the bulb catalogues, a spring garden already growing in my imagination.

It’s not that I’m a lazy gardener, more a forgetful gardener. These days I grow more and more of my bulbs in pots. That way I know where they are! This applies most particularly to tulips. We are always told to lift our tulips. Really? By the time I think of that there is no trace of them. A few will naturalise and greet us in the spring like old friends but most will simply fade from both garden and memory. So pots it is, lovely traditional clay flower pots, stuffed with tulips, that I can move around the garden at will and not misplace. I plant terracotta pans with smaller bulbs like crocuses and dwarf narcissi. A drift of either looks beautiful in the border, but a bulb pan in full bloom on the staging gives me an early taste of spring as I sow my vegetables in the greenhouse.


“Pick and mix” flower pots

misc 5

If you love our traditional terracotta flower pots, pans or long toms, but can’t find the quantity you want, why not “pick and mix” them? Please phone or email with the details of what you would like and I will give you a price. This way you could, for example, buy a mixture of flower pots, pans and long toms in varying sizes.

Lily Pots


Now is the time to be planting your lily bulbs in one of our traditional lily pots

Lilies like to be planted deep in the compost and these deep terracotta pots with near vertical sides are the perfect shape.

The handles on the side allow you to move the pot around the garden or indoors to make the most of their heady summer scent.