Pots for bulbs

tulips b

A wet weekend and I’m looking through the bulb catalogues, a spring garden already growing in my imagination.

It’s not that I’m a lazy gardener, more a forgetful gardener. These days I grow more and more of my bulbs in pots. That way I know where they are! This applies most particularly to tulips. We are always told to lift our tulips. Really? By the time I think of that there is no trace of them. A few will naturalise and greet us in the spring like old friends but most will simply fade from both garden and memory. So pots it is, lovely traditional clay flower pots, stuffed with tulips, that I can move around the garden at will and not misplace. I plant terracotta pans with smaller bulbs like crocuses and dwarf narcissi. A drift of either looks beautiful in the border, but a bulb pan in full bloom on the staging gives me an early taste of spring as I sow my vegetables in the greenhouse.