Strawberry Pots

At The Potting Shed we make three sizes of terracotta strawberry planters and herb pots.
The large strawberry planters have twelve planting pockets, the small strawberry pot has eight and the piecrust herb pot has four.
Unlike many terracotta strawberry planters and pots, all the pockets have an internal lip which prevents compost from running out when watering.

Like all the terracotta pots available from The Potting Shed, our range of strawberry planters feature an easily gripped rim which makes handling a filled pot so much easier.
Although pots with planting pockets around them are known as strawberry planters or pots, please don’t ignore the other planting possibilities.

These terracotta strawberry pots look great as herb planters or as a container for small bedding plants or alpines.

2 Sizes Offered